2008_09_petckapeyser.jpgNY Post columnist Andrea Peyser interviewed Joseph Petcka--the 205-pound man on trial for animal cruelty after kicking his girlfriend's 7-pound cat to death (the cat had a broken leg, three broken ribs, broken teeth, and a lacerated tongue, plus a chest full of blood). She finds him "uncomplicated" and writes his "life devolved into tragi-comedy" because of the incident. Petcka tells Norman the cat, via Peyser, "I apologize, and I'm very sorry - I'm so sorry this happened between us," says he loves all animals, and tells his side of the story. Petcka, who now has a new girlfriend with "an awesome dog," ultimately gets this reaction from Peyser, "He killed a cat! Can't this guy get a break?"