The trial for Renato Seabra, the 22-year-old Portuguese model accused of murdering his older lover, just keeps getting gorier: during yesterday's testimony, prosecutors showed jurors graphic photos of the January 2011 crime scene, which included shots of victim Carlos Castro's alleged blood and castrated testicles.

Seabra is accused of, among other things, strangling 65-year-old Castro on the floor of a Times Square hotel room, and scooping out his testicles using a corkscrew. Lead prosecutor Maxine Rosenthal had jurors take a look at a series of photos featuring images like a corkscrew lying on a hotel slipper, bloody towels and a testicle sitting on top of a white blanket. The NYPD detective on the scene at the time, Ricardo Yanis, confirmed that the blood and testicles belonged to Castro, and painted a chronology of the event using bloodstains; the prosecution also played video footage from hotel security, and noted that Castro's face had been mutilated nearly beyond recognition, also with a corkscrew.

Seabra has admitted to carving out Castro's testicles, slitting his own wrists and putting the testicles on the wounds, saying he did so to "harness their power." His legal team, lawyers David Touger and Rubin Sinins, are gunning for an insanity defense, and (likely equally gruesome) testimony will continue next week.