Renato Seabra, the Portuguese male model who castrated and killed his older lover with a corkscrew last year, was sentenced to 25 years to life today. The sentence, handed out despite a plea in Portuguese from Seabra for forgiveness, is the maximum he faced for the murder.

According to the prosecution, back in January 2011 Seabra killed Carlos Castro, his 65-year-old lover, after the journalist ended their three month affair and stopped paying his bills. The murder was, to put it lightly, gruesome. According to defense lawyers, Seabra "believed Mr. Castro's testicles were demons, and that by pulling them out, everything would be right with the world," and so Seabra did just that—with a corkscrew. While Castro was still alive. He then slit his own wrists and put them together, hoping that he could "harness the power."

In addition to the castrating, Seabra also choked Castro, bashed him over the head with a computer, and stomped on his skull in their hotel room at the Times Square InterContinental, leaving sneaker prints. Seabra then got himself cleaned up and fled the hotel but was quickly apprehended.