If you were in Washington Square Park yesterday afternoon, you may have made a little money - and not from selling dimebags! The Post reports that "three Englishmen dressed like Robin Hood and his merry men started a stampede by throwing a thousand bucks into the air." Seriously. The three men, the "Modern Day Robin Hoods" of Sheffield, England, wanted "people to have a little more common courtesy towards their fellow human beings."

As the trio - two dressed in green Robin Hood gear, and another in brown Little John garb - entered the park, one grabbed a bullhorn: "What you are about to see will amaze you. We are mad Englishmen."

The first man they approached refused an offer of five dollars.

As the $1,000 in small bills was tossed in the air, a frenzied mob soon enveloped the trio.

Before the Hoods began spreading their loot, they hammered their point home to the expectant crowd.

"There's a real lack of courtesy in the world," said Daniel, the hulking 6-foot-6 man dressed as Little John. "The world would be a better place if people were more courteous, but the English are very skeptical, so we decided to come to New York."

Maybe, but in Washington Square Park when there are $1 and $5 bills being thrown around, you are never going to see people with common courtesy. Apparently kids were stepped on! Thirty-eight year old Sally Caraballo said, "I got a nasty little scrape and my butt hurts from getting pushed down... I had to fight for my free money. But I got it in the end." And Parsons student ("a poor one at that") Gabriella Horn admitted, "I think I may have stepped on a kid."