The Port Authority has high hopes of making its bus terminal less terrible. In an effort to lubricate this and other projects—and inch forward on the slow-moving World Trade Center site—the interstate agency agreed on Thursday to offer Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. and 21st Century Fox $43 million in rent subsidies to seduce them from Midtown to the as-yet-nonexistent 2 World Trade Center.

Silverstein Properties, the developer constructing 2 World Trade, will in turn reimburse the Port Authority significantly, since the lease will give it the bump it needs to break ground on the proposed tower.

Port Authority estimates that the rent reduction, attached to a 35-year lease, would ultimately cost it about $9 million.

Even though the new tower won't have any public transit affiliated with it, the agency argues, the deal will benefit other public transit projects. "The Port Authority is agreeing to defer an amount equal to $9 million on a project that's going to generate $500 to $600 million in capital capacity for transportation," Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye said in a statement to Capital.

The Port Authority raised tolls on Hudson River bridges and tunnels last week, from $14 to $15, and agency members told the NY Times that the sale could reduce a further increase.

“This is a deal that always made sense for the Port Authority," said Silverstein-affiliated World Trade Center Properties president Janno Lieber in a statement to the paper. "What makes sense about the deal is that the people of the region get a huge infusion of money for our mass transit systems and everybody gets a finished World Trade Center with a very significant increase in jobs."

And poor Rupert Murdoch finally catches a break.