Two deaths in the paper today that make Gothamist want to say close to the ground.

In a freak Times Square accident, a security guard was killed when a freight elevator in the Ernst & Young building went out of control. The accident occurred at around 4:45 yesterday afternoon when the counterweight hurled the elevator cab into the roof. The E&Y building is a mere two years old and is home to Ernst & Young and Giuliani Partners, the former mayor's consulting firm. How elevators work.

In Harlem, Hassan Cherry fell from an apartment as he was being chased by police late Wednesday. The police chased Cherry for more than 30 minutes and started when the police arrived to search Cherry's apartment. Much like the movies and TV shows, Cherry fled by climbing out the window and heading to the roof. Cherry was spotted in or on at least four buildings in the chase, starting at 479 West 146th St and finally coming to an end when he fell from a vacant apartment at 450 West 147th St. A police lieutenant found Cherry on the ground after hearing something hit the ground. It's believed that he fell while exiting another rear window.