You know how a livery cab crashed into a Bronx home's garage on Monday morning? Well, according to the homeowner, Steve Campbell, this is the second time it's happened (the previous time, the car went THROUGH THE HOUSE into an adjoining apartment). However, he told the NY Times, "Why should I move? You could go anywhere and get hit by a car."

Campbell's home is on the corner of Taylor Avenue and a Cross Bronx Expressway Service Road, and his surveillance camera caught the incident. Campbell says the livery cab "was speeding, I could see that on the tape, he was going at least 50 miles per hour." This is how the Times describes the incident:

At 8:27 a.m., a black livery cab on a Cross Bronx Expressway service road swerved to avoid another car, then continued to go quickly through the intersection of Wood and Taylor Avenues.

The cab jumped a curb and crashed into a parked van and a post in front of Mr. Campbell’s home; it then mowed down a white metal fence that surrounds the house and slammed through the door of the empty garage.

And the van's owners were apparently warned that it was a terrible corner to park at.

The livery cab has not been charged.