The bus lane on 42nd Street isn't quite living up to its name, the Daily News reports. The lane is supposed to be dedicated to the M42 bus — which just last month was called out as the city's slowest bus — but it is so congested with unauthorized vehicles that a two-mile bus trip moves at a 2.85 mph crawl (slower than the average person walks) and takes up to 43 minutes.

Reporters from the tabloid spotted some two-dozen vehicles — including cars, vans, trucks, private buses, and police vehicles (can't say we're surprised) — parked or idling in the bus lane during a single trip between Ninth Avenue and Third Avenue. "If the lanes were clear, it would make it a lot easier to go across town," said M42 driver Vincent Mashburn. "No delays. No one blocking us. We could come in, pick up passengers and move." The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Department of Transportation are trying to obtain approval from the state to use cameras as an enforcement measure against vehicles that obstruct bus lanes.