There are a lot of hit-and-run incidents in the city, but it seems like there are have been a lot more than normal. Could it be holiday traffic? Darker evenings? Or people are just more careless? A Brooklyn man was killed in Clinton Hill, leaving a restaurant where he watched soccer (the NY Times reports that Lucino Galindo had said if he died, he would want a soccer ball in his coffin). But there are also seem to be a number of careless pedestrian accidents. In the same NY Times article, a seemindly drunk man was hit while walking in the middle of Hylan Boulevard; a witness said the SUV didn't seem to be at fault even though the man was hit like "a rag doll," but the police arrested the driver for drunk driving. And then a man was hit by a car in Chelsea, at Seventh and 17th Street. The driver wasn't charged because the man was talking on his cellphone and crossing against the light; the Post adds that the car "that hit him had swerved to avoid a woman who was also crossing against the light." People! In a perfect world, those idiots on the road would heed by our angry looks, but they don't. Look both ways and don't cross against the light - you never know about those crazy drivers who barrel down the sidestreet and make sharp turns. Be careful! As the DoT says, "Cars Hurt - Stay Alert."

The Department of Transportation's pedestrian safety page. And Transportation Alternatives on pedestrian advocacy.