0807muthc.jpgThis week a story got some ink that raised the question: can't a man just save a cat? 49-year-old Chris Muth was put in a psych ward (where they called him "cat man") for doing just that...but upon his release the NY Post reports that he lost his home, his job and his girlfriend. The Carroll Gardens condo owner told him, while hospitalized, that he was "a nice guy" but "too exciting" and had to leave the residence. He then lost a job for being away too long -- the contractor he was working for told him: "You should have shot the cat, left it there and come to work." And the cherry on top, he was dumped by a girlfriend who claims "His optimism approached delusion." WNBC has a video interview with Muth, who now says "If I had known all this was going to happen, I might have found another way to get the cat."