Like foam take-out containers and puffing e-cigs in public spaces, the city's carriage horses are on their way out. But not before at least a few more are badly mistreated by their owners.

Saverio Colarusso was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly abusing his horse, Blondie, whom he allegedly forced to work despite having an injured back leg, the Times reports. An officer on patrol in Central Park noted the animal struggling to pull her load, and learned upon questioning Colarusso that Blondie had actually been injured for four days. Colarusso was arrested, and, if found guilty, could be fined up to $1,000 and spend a year in jail.

The paper reports also that this isn't the first time Colarusso has scuffled with the law—along with an assortment of infractions, he was also charged in 2010 with drinking while on duty, apparently seen sipping a Michelob Light while standing next to his horse, with two additional bottles of booze found in the carriage.

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio has previously pledged that banning carriage horses will be one of his first moves once he takes office in two weeks.