While the weekend brought stories of Governor Paterson perhaps changing his mind about who will replace Hillary Clinton as the junior Senator from New York—a Daily News source said, "He was leaning toward one person, but he has shifted to another"—the Post suggests the decision is a done deal... and that Caroline Kennedy will be the victor.

Post Albany Bureau Chief Fred Dicker writes, "Several unhappy contenders for the job have told friends and associates in recent days" that Paterson is "certain" to pick Kennedy, the non-politician. Apparently Paterson was concerned that not picking Kennedy would "greatly embarrass" and "entirely humiliate" her, as well as "anger her prominent political family and even offend President-elect Barack Obama." Apparently Attorney General Andrew Cuomo isn't making the cut because it's unclear if Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver would pick an "acceptable" successor for the AG job.

One would-be contender bitterly told the Post, "It's been a done deal from the start. David goes with Caroline with the understanding that Caroline, and her family and its resources, go with David next year. This stuff with Paterson saying he's looking at other people is a crock." Dicker also credits Wayne Barrett's Village Voice article from last week that illustrates the Mayor Bloomberg-connection. Barrett wrote, "Bloomberg's strategy: to box Paterson in again, just as he did on term limits, by offering up an irresistible choice...Paterson's acquiescence on term limits convinced the Bloomberg camp to use Kennedy to seal their growing alliance with the governor as well. "

The NY Times has a front page (page A1) article about Kennedy's work ethic as a private person with a very public name—someone who goes to under-the-media radar events honoring real New Yorkers and someone without a sense of entitlement. And an Obama administration source tells the News today, "We want Caroline. [But] We won't indicate disappointment with where he ends up."