President Barack Obama has been toying with giving an ambassadorship to Caroline Kennedy for a while now (oh, Canada!). So where's the latest far-flung locale he's mulling sending the 55-year-old daughter of JFK and Jackie O.? Why, Japan, of course.

According to a report in Bloomberg News, "the president has signed off on Kennedy’s nomination" to replace John Roos as the U.S. envoy to the land of the rising sun. The only thing reportedly holding up the nomination is the vetting process—because apparently there are still things people don't know about the Kennedys?

An ambassadorship for Kennedy has seemed a likely outcome for some time as she quite publicly backed Obama's run for president in 2008 and was a co-chairman of his 2012 campaign. Of late it has just been about finding the right spot for her (we're surprised he didn't offer her the Holy See). All we ask is that she not make a mess of this nomination process like she did the last big gig she was up for.