Caroline Giuliani, the daughter of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and TV personality Donna Hanover, is expected in court today to face shoplifting charges. Earlier this month, the Harvard student was apparently caught in the act by store employees and security cameras and police found items like "Dior skin primer, Bliss moisturizer and a hairnet" in her pockets. It took a little while for Sephora to decide to press charges and now the Daily News reports that she may be working on a deal with the Manhattan DA's office.

The News reports, "A source close to the case said that Caroline Giuliani has reached a possible agreement with prosecutors that could get her a day of community service and the charges eventually scrubbed... [She] could have gotten a year behind bars if convicted of misdemeanor petty larceny as a first-time offender. But under the possible deal, the case would be adjourned in contemplation of dismissal. It's typical in minor criminal cases for first-time offenders and, under the terms, as long as she stays out of trouble for a certain period of time, her record will be wiped clean."