Last month, Caroline Giuliani was sentenced to a day of community service as part of her sentence for shoplifting about $100 of products from an Upper East Side Sephora store. And according to the Daily News' sources, America's Mayor's daughter completed her duty on Wednesday.

The News reports that the 21-year-old Harvard student "cleaned toilets at a lower East Side Sanitation Department depot" and "also swept floors and emptied garbage pails at the garage on Pier 36 at South St. to complete her eight hours of service. Decked out in an orange work vest, she joined 11 other lawbreakers assigned to spruce up the garage." A Sanitation Department spokesman confirmed as much and added, She brought her own lunch with her." The charges will be dismissed if she stays out of trouble, which is apparently typical for a first-time offender.

Pier 36 is where Naomi Campbell worked for her 5-day community service sentence (for throwing her bejeweled cellphone at a housekeeper!). It's also where Boy George did his stint (he falsely called in a break-in and had 13 bags of cocaine)—he also performed a concert for the Department of Sanitation workers and their families.