It's a hard life for the (very, very) marginally famous, and no one knows it better than Caroline Biden, the beleagured niece of Vice President Joe Biden. Earlier this week, the 26-year-old was arrested at her Tribeca apartment after getting into a scuffle with the cops, and today, an exclusive NY Post expose dredged up the dark truth: Biden's a "hot mess," and it's all because of her Uncle Joe.

It's true—it appears the pressures of being the Vice President's niece have caused all sorts of famous people problems for Biden. "She’s a hot mess," Paul Johnson Calderon, a "socialite" and purported friend of the troubled Georgetown grad, told the Post. "The pressure of being Joe Biden’s niece made her totally unravel."

Calderon, who is apparently in a sober-living facility right now, says Biden's had a history of erratic behavior, including alcohol and Adderall addiction. "She’s like the Amanda Bynes, and I’m the Lindsay Lohan—but in recovery," he said. And it seems Biden had a habit of surrounding herself with friends and suitors who used her to get close to the Vice President or for NY Post exclusives. "She would complain about it all the time," Calderon said.

Ah, struggles. Biden, who works at an Upper East Side gallery, was arrested on Tuesday after cops broke up a heated dispute between her and her roommate over at the Tribeca loft her parents paid a security deposit for back in August; the dispute was allegedly over unpaid rent, and cops say at some point Biden tried to take a swing at a female officer. She was hauled off to Beth Israel Hospital in a rolling chair with a sheet wrapped over her, arraigned and is due in court at the end of next month.