The Knicks may have lost by two damn points to the Denver Nuggets last night in Denver, but the postgame press conference is what everybody is talking about today. Did Carmelo Anthony drop some new hints about coming to NYC?

Regarding a possible trade, and his well-documented unhappiness with Denver, he said, "It ain't about the money," "You can't please everybody," and "I'm a big fan of [Knicks legend] Bernard King. That's my idol. That's my favorite basketball player." Oh Carmelo, you know all the right things to say to us. Even more tantalizing, he made it clear that he wasn't losing any sleep over not accepting the Nuggets' $65 million extension offer: "I want to make my family comfortable, whether it's here or somewhere else. If your household ain't right, then ain't nothing right." We are literally drooling...but is it mostly because the new-look, Amare-led Knicks are a dissapointing 3-8 so far, and aren't playing anything like a playoff contender? We are now beginning to pine for Carmelo the way we pined for LeBron two years ago, but haven't we learned anything about one man's ability to instill sweeping changes all by himself? It's deja vu all over again.

Will Leitch invoked the terrifying specter of Isiah Thomas to explain why he thinks that trading for Carmelo would be a grave error: "The Knicks have become a likable, exciting team on the way up by not making rash moves, by not pulling an Isiah and just bringing in whoever the hot name happens to be that moment. They have resisted quick fixes and hasty judgments. They are in the process of building something fascinating." Moreover, if Carmelo wants to come to NY as much as he seems to (he could have been in NJ two months ago if he wanted to be), then the Knicks have all the hand in this relationship. Carmelo can sign as a free agent after this season, and the Knicks won't have to give up any of their young developing players or draft picks. And until then, Knicks fans can amuse themselves by telling spooky stories.