Carmelo Anthony will becoming back to the new look, new look, new look Knicks. Or, in the words of the NY Times, "Nine months of nearly daily speculation about Carmelo Anthony’s future came to an end Saturday when he agreed to re-sign with the Knicks, positioning himself as the cornerstone of the franchise for years to come."

Technically Anthony only opted out of his contract—with $23 million left for his final year—last month, but the Knicks' awfulness has made everything about the team a guessing game. According to ESPN:

Jackson said the Knicks have made five different contract offers to Anthony, one of which is believed to be a maximum deal of $129 million over five years. A source told's Chris Broussard the deal will be for more than $122 million but less than the $129 million max figure.

Anthony has said that he'd be open to accepting a contract that was worth less than the maximum allowed. Doing so wouldn't give the Knicks any extra money to offer free agents this summer, as they are over the salary cap. But if Anthony took a pay cut, it could provide more money for the Knicks to offer free agents in the summer of 2015, when they are expected to have at least $20 million available.

The Chicago Bulls, a team full of young talent, looked like the closest competition to the Knicks, but a source told the daily News, "He was torn because the Bulls have a chance to dominate the East. But he really loves New York. It was hard for him to leave."

The Post chalks it up to The Zen Master, "Though the Knicks roster for this season doesn’t appear as strong as the Bulls’ collection of talent, Anthony in the end decided he wanted to align his future with Phil Jackson and attempt to follow in the footsteps of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, two superstars whom Jackson turned into champions. Anthony was happy with the addition of point guard Jose Calderon and the hiring of coach Derek Fisher."

So was Lala Anthony hinting about the decision by using the word "apple" in an Instagram celebrating her anniversary? She wrote, "'You're stuck with me like glue... There's no one else besides you.. You will always be the apple of my eye... I will LOVE you until the day I die' HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE"—he and Melo married in NYC four years ago.