Carl Paladino was in New York City this past weekend, talking to the media and marching in the Howard Beach Columbus Day Parade (the Times says he "seemed drawn to dogs and children, to whom he handed out Dum Dum and Tootsie Pops," and ordered a meatball sub afterwards). He also answered some questions from the Daily News, like, "You have been critical of New York City, what do you say to residents there who fear you would not represent their interests?"

Paladino explained, "I have not been critical of New York City; I’ve been critical only of
New York City traffic. I have never met a New York City resident who disagreed with me. I have disagreed with the liberal elite denizens of Manhattan, but who hasn’t? This whole upstate v. downstate thing is an excise for our lawmakers who don’t do their jobs. Today, people from all regions of this state are upset with their government - it’s the same look on many different faces." Well, he kinda implied that NYC sucked because there weren't Republicans, which is a little broader than hating Manhattan liberal elites or traffic.

He also told the Daily News that the NY Post was his favorite newspaper, the Yankees are his favorite baseball team, the Bills (of course) are his favorite football team and offered up his plan to cut taxes and make savings: "I will cut New York State personal income taxes by 10 percent in my first budget. I will make up for this lost revenue by making a 20 percent cut in government spending. Half of this budget cut will pay for the deficit and the other half will pay for the personal income tax cut. I'm a businessman; it's really not that complicated."