A carjacker successfully spotted and stole an idling car this morning in the Bronx—but his plans were momentarily inconvenienced when he discovered a two-year-old strapped into the backseat. The tyke was waiting in the double-parked car outside a grocery store on Unionport Road near Starling Avenue in Parkchester around 10 a.m.; while the mother was loading groceries, the father went to get some coffee, leaving the keys in the ignition. The thief jumped behind the wheel, but thankfully human kidnapping wasn't in the books for today—he left the kid on the side of the road a few blocks later unharmed, where his parents soon found him.

Since this kind of story seems to keep popping up again and again, maybe we should go over a few safety tips for car (and kid) owning citizens in the city: stop being lazy, and don't leave you car in idle, especially if you have a kid in the car. In fact, if you can help it, try not to leave the kid in the car alone under ANY circumstances. And be especially careful if you see Nicholas Cage loitering in the parking lot.