A reckless driver was the catalyst for a dangerous four car collision yesterday, involving an ambulance and a M100 bus on 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard. Witnesses say that a black Acura with North Carolina plates was blasting music and not paying attention when it hit the eastbound ambulance, which was responding to a call at Randalls Island.

One told the Daily News, "Because she had the music loud and she was on the phone, she didn't hear the ambulance." The ambulance swerved, then crashed into an SUV waiting at a red light, and the parked bus.

A spokesman for NYC Transit told City Room that the bus driver and 10 passengers were among the 15 to 19 injured. One witness told NY1 that the crash "sounded like a real bomb—boom. I was just saying I hope no one is dead. I just thank God that no one died." Officials say none of the injuries were life threatening, and it wasn't clear if the driver would be cited. Maybe it's time for another cell phone ticketing blitz?