A 54-year-old nurse practitioner from Queens has been charged with murder, having allegedly fatally burned a 22-month-old infant in her care while giving her a bath.

According to the NYPD, 54-year-old Oluyemisi Adebayo was caring for Naomi Mondesire, a 23-month-old infant, on April 21st. That evening, Naomi was hospitalized for immersion scald burns—she died of "thermal related injuries" on Monday.

Investigators believe that Adebayo, a St. Albans resident. submerged Naomi in a hot water bath in the baby's Rosedale home, leaving the baby with burns over about 50 percent of her body. Adebayo had been hired two days prior to help care for Naomi, who was severely developmentally disabled. According to a press release [pdf] from the Queens District Attorney's office, the temperature of the bath Adebayo drew for the infant was 130 degrees, and that she had been submerged up to her waist for about 30 seconds.

"She said 'she did something bad,'" Gardite Mondesire, the baby's grandmother, told NBC News. "After she look at the baby from the OR, she said it's bad."

Adebayo was arrested yesterday while attempting to board a flight to Africa. She has been charged with murder in the second degree. "The defendant had been trained to heal and save lives - which she is accused of failing to fulfill," Queens D.A. Richard A. Brown said in a statement yesterday. "The tiny victim suffered extraordinarily painful injuries for several days before she died. This is a terribly sad and tragic case that could have been prevented."