After a few weeks of resting his holy jowls Cardinal Dolan is back championing the church's First Amendment rights (except when it comes to those "radical" women) and thinks that the only way to block President Obama's health care requirement that insurance companies cover birth control is the Supreme Court. "What recourse does any citizen have?" Dolan asks WPIX11. "You can go to the Executive Branch. We tried that and unfortunately we're not making much progress…So what's our recourse, like any other citizen that feels aggrieved, we go to the Judiciary, and I don't think we'll be reluctant to do that." One set of robed men controlling women's reproductive rights is as good as another.

"It's really not about contraception, it's not about a Catholic issue in a way, it's not about partisan politics," Dolan said, presumably as the Battle Hymn of the Republic played in his head. "We're coming at this as concerned Americans, we feel that this is really a radical violation of the First Amendment." Nevermind Dolan's radical violation of the rights the LGBT population, requiring insurance companies to pay for contraception is "morally toxic!"

"The government, for the first time, is attempting to say what a church and and can't do. That bothers us," Dolan says. Yeah! What year does the president think this is? 2000?