Cardinal Dolan Is Cool With Jews, Not So Much With Gays

In his Easter sermon this morning, Cardinal Dolan gave a shout-out to his "rabbi friends" and insisted that his flock, "Pass over from darkness to light, from death or life! Jesus passed over from the cross to the resurrection!" Indeed, it's like how Dolan passes over the legal rights of gays when it comes to their desire to be treated like any other couple in New York. Accordingly, a junior member of the city's Catholic Charities board resigned yesterday over Dolan's position.

According to the Daily News, 24-year-old Joseph Amodeo was upset over Dolan's angry response to a letter written from the Ali Forney Center, a non-profit set up to benefit the city's homeless LGBT youth. Dolan took issue with the letter (accurately) citing his "loud and strident voice against the acceptance of LGBT people."

Dolan replied, "For you to make the allegations and insinuations you do in your letter based on my adherence to the clear teachings of the Church is not only unfair and unjust, but inflammatory. Neither I nor anyone in the Church would ever tolerate hatred of or prejudice towards any of the Lord's children.”

This was enough hypocrisy for Amodeo, who wrote in his resignation letter:

“As a gay Catholic who teaches religious education (more than eight years in service to the Archdiocese of New York), is active in parish life and supports Catholic organizations, I’m afraid that the Archbishop has caused my heart to ache and my soul to feel pierced."

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