Cardinal Timothy Dolan isn't taking this "separation of church and state" thing lying down. Yesterday His Eminence went on CBS's Face the Nation to insist that the President's requirement that insurance companies pay for birth control puts his church in a "very tough spot." "You've got a dramatic, radical intrusion of a government bureaucracy into the internal life of the Church," Dolan said. "Our problem is the government is intruding into the life of faith in the church that they shouldn't be doing." Or is the Church intruding on the lives of 98% of its sexually-active flock?

Here's Dolan explaining how, "Politics, just like business just like education just like arts just like culture, only benefit when morals and faith have a place there."

This weekend a junior member of the city's Catholic Charities board resigned over Dolan's position hypocrisy on gay marriage and homosexuality.