A Brooklyn woman died after being repeatedly struck by a car wash employee driving an SUV on Tuesday afternoon. A witness said, "It was like the car wanted to cut her in two. I heard all this noise. I look up and see this woman pinned between cars. As I look further, the car left and came back and hit her again. It was horrible. It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever witnessed."

The incident took place outside a car wash near Avenue U and Gerritsen Avenue in Marine Park. Police say the woman, Joan Tornabene, 85, and her 90-year-old husband, Frank Tornabene, were standing, looking at damage to their Honda Accord, when the driver zoomed out of the car wash. Surveillance video shows driver hitting the woman and her husband, then backing up and pinning her again, and then backing up and hitting her a third time.

"[The car wash employee] cut her legs off. He crushed her," a witness told the Daily News. "He didn’t know how to drive. If anyone knew how to drive he wouldn’t have done that." Other car wash employees had to take the driver out of the SUV. [The Post has unblurred, extremely graphic footage of the incident.]

Joan Tornabene was pronounced dead at the scene, after suffering severe trauma to her head and body, while her husband was taken to NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn with life-threatening injuries.

Apparently the SUV, a black Jeep, had been left in neutral and rear-ended the Tornabenes' car. The Jeep's owner said, "The worker tried to jump in it, got nervous I guess, hit the gas and ran over the people continuously."

The car wash employee remained at the scene and has not been charged.