A Honda had to be painstakingly dislodged from the Pulaski Bridge after a driver somehow wedged the car into the bridge's pedestrian path early Thursday morning.

WABC 7 spotted the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit using various tools to pry out the car, adding, "The driver was gone and likely exited out of the window, since the doors were wedged shut. It took hours to remove the vehicle with crews cutting, lifting, tilting and backing the vehicle up enough until a tow truck could latch on and bring it out the rest of the way."

Authorities received a 911 call about the car on the Brooklyn-Queens span at 3 a.m. The vehicle was reportedly stolen in Bronxville.

One pedestrian told the NY Post that “getting on the bridge is kind of confusing... There should be barricades there so that people don’t make that mistake."

The Pulaski Bridge has a dedicated bike lane, installed in 2016, that runs between the pedestrian path and motor vehicle traffic. Idiot drivers have been known to squeeze into that lane as well.