2006_11_12bway.jpgAn out of control Honda Civic hit four people after jumping a curb at Broadway between East 11th and 12th Streets early yesterday evening. The car also hit a diner's window and stopped only when it crashed into a light post a block away. From the Washington Square News:

The driver of the black, four-door Honda Civic, described by eyewitnesses as a middle-aged female, reportedly hit one victim at 12th Street and Broadway and continued driving down the block, striking three others along the way. The driver told police she swerved to avoid a vehicle in front of her and climbed onto the curb before sideswiping and shattering the front window of Bon Vivant Diner, located at 820 Broadway.

One man hit by the car was "thrown onto the windshield" and then into diner's door.

One witness told NYU News, “When the driver finally stopped, she asked me, 'What do I do?' I said, 'You just hit people, you should be calling 911!'" Another said upon seeing one victim on the sidewalk, "At first, I thought he was just homeless, but then I realized it was just person after person after person on the ground."

Four people are in nearby hospitals, three in stable condition and one in serious condition. The driver allegedly said that she mistook the gas pedal for the brakes, though some reports say her brakes went out. Witnesses say that it did not seem like she was speeding. And just last Friday, an out of control SUV jumped a curbed and injured four people in Midtown.