2006_10_e62lex.jpgSidewalks aren't only for pedestrians - they seem to be made for cars after they are hit by other out of control cars. Yesterday afternoon, an out of control Lexus hit two parked cars after spinning across two lanes on Lexington Avenue near East 62nd Street. The parked cars then hit a pedestrian on the sidewalk. The NY Post says the victim, a Venezulan tourist, was "slumped across the trunk of the car, her legs dangling above the ground." The woman was admitted to New York Hospital in serious condition, but was upgraded to stable. The police did not press any charges yet, but the cause of the crash is still unknown. Oh, and the Lexus caught fire.

This accident occured a block away from where a Rhode Island murder suspect was apprehended after car chase last week. A Burger Heaven cashier told the NY Sun, "I'm scared to walk here now, while another woman said, "It's just a busy corner."