2006_07_siaccident.jpgTiffany Gunaratne, 9 year old girl, was hit by a car while chasing her poodle on Staten Island yesterday morning. The dog had run into traffic, and the driver of the car, Randi Termo, swerved to miss the dog but her side mirror hit Tiffany. Relatives believe that the girl was chasing the dog because a previous dog had been killed by a car before. The NY Times reports that a very upset Termo held Tiffany until the ambulance arrived; Termo was not charged with any crime. Tiffany is in a medically induced coma.

Both the Times and the Post mention issues with Henderson Avenue, the road where Tiffany was hit. The Post notes there are no traffic lights or stop signs on the road, and people have seen cars go 80-90MPH in the 30 MPH zone. The Times says that though the community wanted to add more traffic signals, the Department of Transportation found that there wasn't "enough volume to add more signals," though the DOT did add those signs showing car's speeds this spring.