Sad news from one of our Stuyvesant tipsters this morning: "I'm a Stuyvesant student and today we lost two of our students in a car accident. They were Kevin Kwan, a junior, and April Lao, a freshman. Both were on the swim team and were attending a swim meet. The news link is below. This is very horrific and troubling for all of us and we would greately appreciate it if you post this on gothamist. You really dont think about such seemingly every day deaths until its someone right next to you. Thanks for taking the time to read this."

The car crash was widely covered in the news yesterday, but the Stuyvesant link wasn't reported until last night. Apparently the students and their parents were driving from Queens to Buffalo to compete in a YMCA swim-meet. The van got a flat tire, and instead of pulling off to the shoulder, the driver (Kevin's mother) stopped in the right-lane and put on the blinkers. She got out, checked the tire, and a few seconds after she returned to her seat, a truck plowed into the van. Kevin, his mother, and brother were killed instantly-- April died at Westchester Medical Center. Her mother and brother were injured but survived. The Times has a very detailed report:

When the police arrived, some of the van's passengers, apparently ejected, lay on the shoulder of the highway. Backpacks, school books and a sneaker were strewn about the accident site, along with mangled pieces of the van.

"The van was ripped in half," said Capt. Edward Raso of the New York State Police. "The driver's side was sheared off. It was not a pleasant scene."

Stuycom has lots of reaction from students, and the Post, Daily News, and WNBC all have articles. Very sad.