2006_02_vancrash.jpgA Queens teenager was pinned by a truck that was hit by a speeding car, leading to his leg's amputation. Zong Ling Zhu was speeding in her minivan and crashed into another car before hitting a truck at Utopia Parkway at 58th Street. The truck, then Zhu's car, hit Andrew Tsai, who was walking outside his high school in Fresh Meadows. Zhu fled the scene, but the police arrested her for assault, reckless endangerment and leaving the scene; an earlier report we read said Zhu had been driving around 60 MPH and never stopped. Tsai's aunt tells the Post, "Physically, he will recover. Emotionally, we are very worried about his future. He's only 18. How is he supposed to recover from the loss of his leg?" These stories make us sick - the cruel twists of fate that leave the aggressor relatively uninjured and the victim in much worse condition. Tsai is also undergoing surgery for his other leg.