If you needed a reason to look to the skies, now you have one. The folks over at New Era, Major League Baseball's official cap supplier, are donning two Manhattan watertowers with inflatable baseball caps in time for Opening Day. A Mets cap will be fitted on a watertower near the 59th Street Bridge this week, while the Yankee cap won't be up in midtown until next week. New Era says there will be two more inflatable caps on Manhattan watertowers later. If you think you have a large hat size, you ain't seen nothing. The inflatable hats are a size 61.5 (we would think larger) and are 14' high by 16' wide.

Too bad New Era only does baseball caps, because this opens up so many more marketing possibilities. Gigantic King Kong-sized condoms to fit over the Empire State Building, dual-use football helmets to protect Donald Trump's inflated ego and his comb over from blowing about, and gigantic frozen popsicles. Wait, that didn't work so well. But Gothamist likes that condom idea.

The Mets open at home Monday against the Nationals while the Yankees home opener is on April 11th against the Royals.