Our Rangers are in the playoffs (and finally won a game yesterday), so it's time to talk hockey, in which toothless men beat the shit out of each other with wooden poles the sport of kings. After losing two consecutive games to the Washington Capitals, the Rangers pulled out a last minute win on Sunday and head back to the Garden on Wednesday night to even the score. But it seems someone forgot to clean the visiting locker room's bidet, because Caps coach Bruce Boudreau took to D.C.'s airwaves this morning to complain about the facilities and fans at Madison Square Garden.

Boudreau stated that MSG's "reputation is far better than the actual building. I mean, it's nothing…the locker rooms are horrible. The benches are horrible. There's no room for anything." Say what you will about the Caps, but Boudreau's push for Louis Vuitton to sponsor the team's equipment and his popular Mani/Pedi Mondays promotion at D.C.'s Verizon Center revolutionized the flagging fanbase. Boudreau also took a shot at the Blueshirts and said that the Verizon Center "is a lot louder…it's not that loud in [MSG]."

In all fairness to Boudreau, it was probably those nice Bose noise canceling headphones that D.C. plutocrat/Caps owner Ted Leonsis makes his employees wear so that they can focus on Brahms and not the spit-flecked epithets that were surely hurled their way on Sunday night. Thankfully, at least the Garden doesn't have some crazed, megalomaniac at the helm of its operations.