She certainly did not waste any time! According to TMZ, Capri Anderson is currently talking to the NYPD at her lawyer's office about pressing charges against Charlie Sheen. Along with the charges in New York, Anderson is allegedly filing a civil suit in Los Angeles and seeking monetary damages from Sheen, presumably for emotional and physical distress and the damage she claims was done to her purse on that fateful night in the Plaza Hotel. But Charlie Sheen has a different idea of how things went that night, and reportedly plans to countersue Anderson for "civil extortion."

In an interview with Inside Edition set to air tonight, Sheen's lawyer, Yale Galanter accuses Anderson of having "no credibility." He says, "Charlie never physically abused her. He never verbally abused her. This woman never made any of these complaints when she was in front of the NYPD or the Plaza security…Ms. Capri Anderson has made some serious allegations. She’s changed her story and we are going to take her to task on that." Anderson said in an interview with ABC that she was too shaken and embarrassed to speak to the NYPD at the time, and claims their condescending attitude didn't help matters.

Now about that $20,000 Sheen allegedly offered Anderson to stay quiet. Anderson says she was not paid the $3,500 she was promised for joining Sheen for dinner (she says payment for a "night of sex" was not the plan), but got a text message a day or two after the incident in which Sheen offered her a considerable sum to keep things under wraps. Sheen's sources tell TMZ he offered $20,000 because he was under the impression that's how much he owed for her "services," but Anderson's lawyer said, "This is as ridiculous as Charlie's statement that the night of the incident he was suffering from an allergic reaction. This text was obviously an offer to buy her silence."