Howe Caverns

may no longer hold the title as top spot for cavernous upstate recreation. That's because yesterday it was revealed that while state senators spent a good portion of the last couple of months showing up for work and bickering about legal semantics over a quagmire they themselves had created, a state janitor and his supervisor have been arriving at their Capitol jobs every day and wasting time in style. Louis Marciano and Gary Pivoda of the State Office of General Services have been busted for taking their workspace inside a Capitol garage and turned it into a drug-dealing "man cave."

The 50-year-old Marciano and 48-year-old Pivoda clocked in around 4 p.m. each day, at which point they would take a load off inside the cave by getting high or taking a nap. They would then get other employees to handle their responsibilities. The Inspector General's Office reported yesterday that they discovered couches, a television, DVDs, rolling papers, incense, board games, playing cards and a refrigerator inside the East Garage spot. A spokesman said, "It was more like a party lounge."

But the pair, who have been suspended without pay, were also infected with the spirit of public service some say had gone extinct in the state capital. For offficials also found drug scales which Pivoda would use to weigh out marijuana in order to prepare it for deliveries made in his OGS truck to electricians, plumbers and other state employees. Pivoda was arrested yesterday on charges of marijuana possession and criminal use of drug paraphernalia and officials said more arrests are likely. Pivoda has previous a previous conviction for burglary and was arrested in 1992 for dealing cocaine.