In a stunning blow to capitalist principles/principals this country was founded on, a Brooklyn high school principal who instilled the virtues of hard work and making an honest living by taking students on a furniture-moving field trip last month is no longer a principal. Altagracia Liciaga was removed from her post at Multicultural High School in Cypress Hills by the DOE a day before fall classes started, after it was revealed that Liciaga forced the students to ride unrestrained in the back of a U-Haul after an enlightening day of hauling filing cabinets. The Post reports that Liciaga even taught one student self-reliance, by letting them drive the U-Haul just a year after getting a driver's license.

Liciaga's rationale for the trip was that "she wanted her kids to see 'Beautiful Midtown Manhattan, because many of the students had never been,'" a DOE report on her termination reads. Despite the fact that a lost verse of "New York, New York" includes the lyrics "I want to be a part of it / that moving cabinets in Midtown, part of it," a DOE official said that Liciaga's actions forced them to "seek termination" for the courageous pedagogue.

Though she has not formally been let go, Liciaga is on "administrative duty pending her termination hearing." Hopefully the students who learned something that fateful summer day will show up with their school-issued lifting belts in support of their principal.