A globe-trotting Manhattan socialite and fashion designer has been arrested for allegedly shoplifting an $11,000 fur-lined scarf. Previously, Beata Boman, 38, had been best known for being pictured snogging Prince Andrew by the Daily Mail a few years ago. But with these new allegations, we can't imagine the former model will be getting any royal invites to Pippa's derriere exercise class anytime soon.

According to the Hartford Courant, a security guard at Richards Of Greenwich (in Connecticut) spotted Boman stealing the scarf, and followed her out the store and down Greenwich Avenue. The guard called the cops, and when a police officer approached Boman, she admitted that she stole the scarf, but told them she intended to return it.

Her lawyer Mark Sherman said the arrest was a "mistake"—"Anybody who knows Beata knows she has no need and no reason to steal anything." He claimed that Boman had put the scarf in her handbag without realizing it, because she was distressed after receiving a call from a friend "about to have brain surgery." The old brain surgery excuse!

If Boman is found guilty, she'll join an illustrious list of semi-famous and very famous women who also had "no reason to steal anything," but did anyway, including Lindsay Lohan, Winona Ryder, and Caroline Giuliani.