This week, the 28-year-old NYPD officer who was arrested for allegedly attempting to "kidnap women and cook them" was denied bail for a third time after prosecutors revealed he had discussed getting some "girl meat" for Thanksgiving. Now, the mother of Gilberto Valle is railing about not being able to see her son since he was arrested, and complaining about the media's portrayal of him: “Look it up in the dictionary, the true meaning of ‘cannibal’ is that he ate human meat,” Elizabeth Valle told the Daily News. “He hasn’t eaten a human being!”

“This is a parent’s worst nightmare from one day to the next, and no one seems to care,” she said. “If I had money to hire a good defense team, my son would be out by now.” Valle has been in solitary confinement since his arrest on October 24th: “I haven’t seen my son. I haven’t spoken to my son! Do you think that’s fair?” she asked. Her son has been charged with conspiracy to kidnap and accessing a computer without authorization.

Valle referred to her son's conversations about eating women as "Internet chatter," and offered up an anecdote about taking care of his dog Dudley as evidence of his humanity: “I’d call him to bring the dog over. He’d say ‘Ma, he’s still sleeping, I don’t want to wake him up,’” Valle said. “Does that sound like a freaking person who would harm anybody? He wouldn’t even wake up the dog!”