Edith and Archie

When we read on Brokelyn earlier that canine soulmates Edith and Archie were separated after Edith was stolen from the BARC shelter, we were briefly devastated... until we realized that they've already been reunited! The 12-year-old Chihuahua-papillon mix and poodle-shih tzu were left at the shelter 8 months ago after their human went to a nursing home, and on November 18th a woman in her 20s stole Edith, but now thedo.gsblog reports that a Thanksgiving miracle has occurred, and the "best pals" have been reunited.

The site reports that "Detectives Vega and Randozzo of the 90th precinct apprehended the thief, a young Asian woman. She said she took the dog to give to her sick uncle." A BARC rep told them, “She was living in squalor. I think she was on drugs.” Indeed, her plan involved one major misstep: she left her real address on the volunteer sign-up sheet at the shelter.

Since they've been back together, BARC reports back saying: “They wouldn’t eat without each other... so the first thing they did was share a bowl of food. Then they just played and have been enjoying each other’s company ever since.” If you want to give this story and even happier ending, you can adopt the duo! Just call the shelter at 718-486-7489 and set up a visit.