Dog owners, stay vigilant: veterinarians in Manhattan have reported a number of cases of canine influenza in the borough, and they're warning humans to be careful when allowing their dog friends to socialize with other animals.

CBS 2 reports that there's been an outbreak of the airborne disease in Manhattan, likely due to dogs playing outside with one another and at dog runs. "If there’s dogs coughing, then I would probably keep your dog from that area,” veterinarian Dr. Benjamin Davidson told the station.

According to the ASPCA, symptoms include coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, fever, lethargy and loss of appetite; most dogs will recover within a month, but secondary infections like pneumonia can be problematic.

And of course, the worst part about watching a dog come down with doggy flu is how they look at you with their sad feverish eyes before and after making tiny dog sneezes. "I notice everything about them. You notice when they’re not feeling well. Dogs have an emotional quality to them," one dog owner told CBS 2.

To protect your dog, you can get your vet to administer a vaccine. Follow that up with lots of belly scratching and treats.