The race to replace Anthony Weiner in New York's ninth congressional district has now moved into the "wait, really?" phase. While Republican candidate Bob Turner is really trying to make it all about Obama and the Democratic candidate David Weprin is working on getting some cross-party support (Republican Queens councilman Peter Koo just endorsed him) it appears that maybe both candidates probably ought to brush up on the district they are looking to represent before anything else?

Both candidates spoke to the Daily News editorial board this week and both were asked the same ten questions about the ninth district. And unfortunately, neither did very well. Now, granted we certainly didn't know the answers to a number of the questions (i.e. Rudy Giuliani's first wife, and cousin, is the president of Kingsborough Community College?) but that doesn't really mean that candidates looking to represent the area shouldn't. For example? Weprin didn't know where Don Peppe was—arguably the most famous restaurant in the district. And Bob Turner didn't know who was in charge of Queens Community Board 10—tsk, tsk, tsk. And neither of them knew what neighborhood the Fresh Pond Road stop was in. Sigh (Ridgewood). In the end both men got three questions right and seven wrong. But, uh, at least Bob Turner carries a MetroCard?