It's that time of year again, when costumed ghouls frantically go trick or treating door-to-door to ask for your vote. This Tuesday is Election Day, and the gubernatorial candidates are cramming in as much last minute campaigning as they could. Andrew Cuomo reached the 62nd county in his campaign tour in Saratoga County yesterday, deploying deadly political weapons such as "the thumbs up, the victory sign, the wave, the wink, the blown kiss," as the Times puts it. They viewed it as his victory lap, and he gave the enthusiastic packed audience an insight into his view of his foot-shooting opponent Carl Paladino: “I’ll tell you the simple truth. The more they talk, the better we look. You could not make this stuff up.”

Paladino was treated to a much more somber crowd in Watertown, reflecting the overall tone of his campaign, which the Times said had a "slightly improvisational, unpolished feel." A little over two dozen people attended the rally, not knowing Paladino would show up until an hour and a half before the event. One supporter told a reporter, “He can’t be any worse than what we have now, can he?

It seems as of now that Cuomo has the race locked up, but many there will be a different legacy for the 2010 NY gubernatorial crazyfest. "I think the campaign has reached a new standard of low-levelness. Even Cuomo, who didn't have to, has gotten pretty negative in his attacks, too," veteran GOP operative Ed Rollins told the News.