Remember way back in February of 2005 when New York attorney and proud radical Lynne F. Stewart was found guilty of aiding a terrorist? Sure you do. And as such you might have noticed that Ms. Stewart has yet to be sentenced, a situation that has raised a few eyebrows.

Well, today part of the why of the delay came. It seems that Stewart, who is facing up to 30 years in prison and was scheduled to be sentenced on March 10, has been fighting breast cancer since a little after she was found guilty last year. A 2.4 centimeter tumor was removed from her left breast on January 9 and she is about to start radiation therapy. As such, she has requested a delay in her sentencing until after July 31. She's asking for the delay, which is not uncommon, but says she is not looking to escape her sentence. As she told the Times: "You may send me to jail for the rest of my life, but at least I'll go in strong and resistant to whatever happens."

Two other defendants in the case Stewart is involved in are also awaiting sentencing. Mohammad Yousry, 49, Stewart's Arabic translator and Ahmed Abdel Sattar, 46, a postal worker from Staten Island. Yousry remains free on bail, while Sattar was apparently recently moved into the "most severe isolation unit in the Metropolitan Correctional Center." It is not clear why he was moved.