Yesterday morning the crackdown on counterfeit rings on Canal Street continued, just as vendors are surely hitting a busy time of year with fake designer handbags being purchased as holiday gifts. 1010Wins reports that "police raided a block of Canal Street off Broadway including 10 buildings and 30 stalls. During the raid, police said they also found secret rooms inside the buildings where dealers allegedly conducted business." Everything from knock-off Chanel bags to Tiffany-esque jewelry was confiscated.

The area has been under skywatch for some time. Bloomberg says, "We're just not going to have any tolerance for people selling knock-offs. It's not fair to those companies that invest in their brand." But what about the broke brand-whores? One woman declared, "I can't afford an $1800 Louis Vuitton bag. When I get it for $60 it's good."