Tourists: if they're not getting ripped off or attacked by hammer-wielding locals, then they're probably bringing a loaded gun to the Empire State Building. Either way, they're definitely getting ripped off—unless they decided to get hammered and skip out on their bill. Police say that's exactly what happened to one Canadian tourist visiting Manhattan last week. And after he skipped the bill, he allegedly punched (and shattered) a glass door, then punched two police officers.

Daniel Engler, 22, was arrested last Friday at The Chester restaurant in the Gansevoort Hotel after just such a scene allegedly occurred. According to the Post, Engler tried to leave the restaurant without paying around 11 p.m.; he shattered the glass door with a punch, then a bartender apprehended him.

He allegedly screamed, “F—k you, I ain’t going anywhere with you!” as cops arrived. Then he ended up in a scuffle with two of them, allegedly reaching for both officers' guns and punching them both. One officer was taken to the hospital with a shoulder injury. Engler has now been charged with criminal mischief, assault, obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest.