Last year Mayor Bloomberg declared his support for, you know, killing Canada Geese before they kill us... so why are the ones closest to one of our major airports being protected? The NY Post says the National Park Service has halted any efforts to remove geese from the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge—which runs right up to one of the airport's runways.

This means hundreds of winged threats lurk just feet away from the plane you'll be boarding soon, just waiting to take a kamikaze dive into one of the engines. The paper notes that the US Department of Agriculture is still attempting to clear geese from a seven-mile radius around Kennedy and LaGuardia airports, but their time may be running out. In mid-July the geese in the refuge will be done molting and will be flying around again, wreaking havoc!

While the LaGuardia goose population has gone down 80% since Capt. Sullenberger landed Flight 1549 in the Hudson—the JFK population has remained the same. One Park Service rep explained that it won't be their fault if the Jamaica Bay geese cause a fatal plane crash, since they are just following rules. Ah, beaurocracy.