This was a morning for the record books. At least sixty locations across the eastern U.S., including every local official recording station, set record low temperatures for this date. Central Park's old record of 7 degrees set in 1950 was surpassed with five degrees to spare this morning. And the cold air mass is still moving southward so don't expect it to warm much past the mid teens this afternoon.

A strong westerly breeze will push the wind chills well below zero until sometime this evening. Not one day so far this month has been warmer than normal and today is the eighth day in a row where the average temperature is at least ten degrees cooler than average.

With any luck today will be the low point for winter temperatures. Clouds ahead of a messy storm system moving out of the lower Ohio Valley should keep tonight's temperatures from falling into the single digits. Warmer air ahead of that storm will push tomorrow's high into the lower or mid 30s. That warm air contains a bit of moisture so look for snow starting late Saturday afternoon.

As the temperatures rise overnight on Saturday the snow will change to freezing rain and eventually turn to all rain by Sunday morning. We'll probably get an inch or two of snow topped with a good glazing of ice so be careful if you are out late Saturday.

Sunday will probably warm to the low 40s. The Weather Channel currently says 46 but that seems a little nutty to me.

Now the bad/good news. These cold weather outbreaks aren't going away anytime soon. The outbreaks almost certainly won't be as extreme as today but we can expect at least two or three more cold spells over the next couple of weeks. An Arctic front passing through the city on Sunday night will make for a cold Monday with a high only in the mid 20s. Single-digit lows are possible on Tuesday morning before our next chance of precipitation and subsequent cooling happens on Wednesday.