The Giants did what they had to do last Sunday. Now the question is, can they do it again? Last week’s victory over the Cowboys put New York back into the playoff discussion. A win today would setup a whole new calculation.

If the Giants beat the Eagles, both teams would be 8-5 and if Dallas loses to San Diego today, they would also be 8-5. In that scenario, the Giants would hold first place by virtue of tiebreakers. But they have to win this game and that is where things are going to get interesting.

While the Giants showed more life last week, their secondary was still torched by Tony Romo for almost 400 yards. Luckily, the weather is supposed to be lousy tonight with rain and wind. That would make the passing game a lot harder and that would be a huge advantage for the Giants. Brian Westbrook, the Eagles star running back, is out of tonight’s game, but the Giants have Brandon Jacobs. Expect to see a lot of Jacobs and some Ahmad Bradshaw as New York uses the running game and the wind to get to 8-5.