It’s very simple for the Giants this week. Win the game and they are in the playoffs, easing a lot of the sting from last week’s utter meltdown. Lose the game, and the questions concerning their makeup and heart will only intensify.

In many ways, it is an unfair situation. Going into Green Bay and beating the Packers is no easy matter. Green Bay came very close to upsetting the Patriots in New England last week, without their star quarterback, Aaron Rogers. Rogers will be back this week and that means trouble for the Giants secondary. Add in the fact that Green Bay has a tough defense and has only lost once at Lambeau this season, and this will be a tough task.

Don’t expect the Giants to meltdown like they did against Carolina and Minnesota last year, but don’t expect a win either. For whatever reason, this is a team that seems to make mistakes at the worst possible moment. They will show some heart, but not enough as the Packers prevail.